About me

Waraia is short message through the media bracelet which tied around the wrist. This message comes from the tribe Maerasi in Triton Bay, Kaimana, West Papua.

Johana Nita  always likened this life as a journey, sometimes we have a goal to one point, but the middle of the journey we meet a new understanding that can transform my goal of 180 degrees.  Then we realize, what we want isn’t end, but the journey to achieve goal.

She was born in Medan, North Sumatra. Jho, she usually called, around the Indonesia and world to learn about culture. For jho, culture is a language that is not to be understood, but can appreciate every tradition is a wealth of invaluable.

This blog will bring you to the Culture of which she recorded in writing and photographs. Enjoy visiting this blog.

10 thoughts on “About me

    • Halo Edward, thank you for visiting my website
      yahhh, I like your photos and blog. Great…
      and enjoy visiting my website….
      greetings from Indonesia to Ireland

  1. Thank you for stopping at my little spot on the globe and sharing in the process of saving our precious endangered bits of local environments. I love being able to travel and visit without having to be wealthy. Please keep up the good works!

    • Halooo mbak titi… Salam Kenal 😊☺️ Maaf baru replay. Baru Kembali Dari remote area ini. Aku blm Terima undangan mbak titi but base in info terakhir yg aku dptkan, Bukan depan acara seremonial penyerahan hadiahnya. Atau mbak titi Sudah menerima undangan kah?

  2. Hai Jho. Perkenalkan, nama saya Carolina. Saya mengajar di Politeknik Negeri Bandung. Selamat yaa untuk keberhasilan Jho sharing tentang keindahan daerah di Indonesia. Khususnya tentang local wisdom, yaitu tutup dan buka sasi. Sangat menarik.
    Sekali lagi selamat!……sharing berikutnya dinantikan:-)

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